Laundry Service
Released November 13, 2001
Length 49:06
Producers Shakira, Emilio Estefan Jr., Brendan Buckley, Pablo Florez, Javier Garza, Lester Mendez, Tim Mitchell, George Noriega, Luis Fernando Ochoa
Label Epic
D4 D5 D6
From Laundry Service
  1. "Whenever, Wherever"
    Released: August 27, 2001
  2. "Underneath Your Clothes"
    Released: March 18, 2002
  3. "Objection (Tango)"
    Released: April 24, 2002
  4. "The One"
    Released: June 12, 2002
  5. "Te Dejo Madrid"
    Released: August 15, 2002
  6. "Que Me Quedes Tú"
    Released: December 1, 2002

Laundry Service (Spanish: Servicio De Lavandería) is the first bilingual studio album and third studio album overall by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira, released on November 13, 2001 by Epic Records. All the songs on the album except "Eyes Like Yours" (which is a translation of Shakira’s trademark Ojos Así) are original and were fully or partly composed by Shakira. It also contains four songs in Spanish. Shakira recorded this album during almost two years in Uruguay and the Bahamas. Musically the album is a fusion of many different genres and cultures. Heavily influenced by South American culture, britpop and American rock and roll, the album gained generally positive reviews despite of some negative calls from Latin fans for seemingly abandoning her folk and rock roots in favor of contemporary American pop music. This album won dozens of awards worldwide, including the Latin Grammy Award in the category of Best Short Form Music Video. The album reached the top three of the charts in both the United States and United Kingdom (after the re-release, it reached No. 2 in UK). "Whenever, Wherever" (and its Spanish counterpart Suerte), the first single from the album, was first heard in Colombia and the United States in late August 2001 and immediately became No. 1. Subsequently, the single was climbing the tops of charts in more than 30 countries during the period of over 6 months, eventually becoming the best selling single of 2002 worldwide. Shakira started the promotion in Colombia and Spain in October 2001 and then returned to the US for the American album release (November 13, 2001). There are also another three international singles Underneath Your Clothes (U.S. No. 9), Objection (Tango) and The One, that finally helped to recognize Shakira as a mainstream artist. Freddy DeMann, who worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna and Alanis Morissette, handled the management of that era of Shakira’s career and the promotion. For the first time she appeared in a number of American prime-time TV shows and open-air concerts and continued the promotion in Europe, South America and Asia up to July 2002. Shakira supported the album with the "Tour of the Mongoose" with the worldwide audience of over 1.2 million people. Laundry Service is Shakira's best selling album to date, which went on to sell over 15 million copies worldwide.


After the success of the ¿Dónde Están los Ladrones? and MTV Unplugged albums, Shakira decided to begin working on a crossover album to break into the English market in 2000.

Laundry Service was originally designed to include older songs by advice of Gloria Estefan, the wife of the executive producer of the album Emilio Estefan, Jr.. However, Shakira later decided against using translations of older songs for the album and worked for over a year on new material for the album. The album was mainly produced by Shakira herself, Tim Mitchell and Lester Mendez who produced a bulk of tracks on the album. Shakira recorded the album in Miami, Florida and Nassau, Bahamas at the Compass Point Studios.

She worked with several other notable producers, including Glen Ballard and Luis F. Ochoa, and brought in noted audio engineer Terry Manning to record the album. Laundry Service has yielded eight singles: "Whenever, Wherever", "Suerte (Whenever, Wherever)", "Te Dejo Madrid", "Underneath Your Clothes", "Objection (Tango)", "Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango)", "The One", and "Que Me Quedes Tú". "Fool" was released as a single only in Brazil, and "Poem To A Horse" which was released as the promo-single from her 2004 tour album Live & Off the Record. "Eyes Like Yours" has an unreleased music video that was filmed around the same time as "Ojos Asi". A clip of this unseen video was released on a promotional CD-ROM, only a minute in length and containing very few shots of Shakira singing in English. It is believed the song itself was recorded around the time of ¿Dónde Están los Ladrones? when Shakira was still considering English translations of older songs instead of new material.

Track listingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Objection (Tango)"  ShakiraShakira, Lester Mendez* 3:42
2. "Underneath Your Clothes"  Shakira, MendezShakira, Mendez* 3:44
3. "Whenever, Wherever"  Shakira, Gloria Estefan, Tim MitchellShakira, Mitchell* 3:16
4. "Rules"  Shakira, MendezShakira, Mendez* 3:39
5. "The One"  Shakira, Glen BallardShakira, Mendez* 3:42
6. "Ready for the Good Times"  Shakira, MendezShakira, Mendez* 4:13
7. "Fool"  Shakira, Brendan BuckleyShakira, Buckley*, Mendez* 3:50
8. "Te Dejo Madrid (I'm leaving you Madrid)"  Shakira, Mitchell, George NoriegaShakira, Mitchell*, Noriega*, Mendez* 3:06
9. "Poem to a Horse"  Shakira, Luis Fernando OchoaShakira, Ochoa* 4:06
10. "Que Me Quedes Tú (That You Stay)"  Shakira, OchoaShakira, Ochoa* 4:47
11. "Eyes Like Yours (Ojos así)"  Shakira, Estefan, Javier Garza, Pablo Florez, Javier GarzaShakira, Garza, Florez 3:56
12. "Suerte (Whenever, Wherever Spanish Version) (Literally "Lucky")"  Shakira, MitchellShakira, Mitchell* 3:16
13. "Te Aviso, te Anuncio (Tango) (Objection (Tango) Spanish Version) (Literally Be Warned, You Ad (Tango))"  ShakiraShakira, Mendez* 3:43

(*) denotes co-producer


Chart Peak
Australian Albums Chart 1
Austrian Albums Chart 1
Belgian Flandres Albums Chart 1
Belgian Wallonie Albums Chart 5
Canadian Albums Chart 1
Danish Albums Chart 1
Dutch Albums Chart 1
Finnish Albums Chart 1
French Albums Chart 5
German Albums Chart 1
Greek Albums Chart 1
Italian Albums Chart 1
New Zealand Albums Chart 4
Norwegian Albums Chart 1
Portuguese Albums Chart 1
Swedish Albums Chart 1
Swiss Albums Chart 1
UK Albums Chart 1
U.S. Billboard 200 3


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