Released October 15, 2010
Length 46:04
Producers Shakira, Josh Abraham, Lukas Burton, Edward Bello, Gustavo Cerati, John Hill, Lester Mendez, Albert Menéndez, Luis Fernando Ochoa, Oligee, René Pérez
Label Epic
D8 D9
From Sale el Sol
  1. "Loca"
    Released: September 10, 2010
  2. "Sale el Sol"
    Released: January 4, 2011
  3. "Rabiosa"
    Released: April 8, 2011
  4. "Antes de las Seis"
    Released: October 21, 2011
  5. "Addicted to You"
    Released: March 13, 2012

Sale el sol (English: The Sun Comes Out) is the seventh studio album by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira, released on October 19, 2010. The album cover was released on August 31, 2010. In a promotion strategy, Los 40 Principales in Spain premiered the album on streaming on October 12, one week before the album release.

The album debuted at number seven on the Billboard 200 becoming her fourth-highest peak on the chart. It also debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums Chart and stayed there for over 12 consecutive weeks.

The album has sold over 500,000 copies in the US,another 500,000 copies in France and over 4 million copies worldwide. The album received three Latin Grammy Award nominations including Album of the Year and won the award for Best Female Pop Vocal Album.

Background and productionEdit

The album was recorded in the Bahamas, London, Barcelona, and the Dominican Republic. Shakira describes the album musically as having "a strong rock side" along with "romantic" and "Latino" songs. Shakira told MTV that the album was "very personal" and would deal with the issues of heartbreak. Dizzee Rascal is one of several collaborators to appear on the album, featuring on the first single "Loca". Of the collaboration he said it was proof of his willingness to experiment "I know it sounds a bit mad now, but you'll see it and see what's going on. It's me doing something different man, on a merengue tip."

El Cata, one of the collaborators on the album, said "If I was thinking that this little studio was going to be in the world’s vision at this time, I wouldn’t believe it." He added "She told me, ‘You have something that makes me move.’ I told her it was the percussion, and I said, ‘Those sounds that you want, I have them in my studio." Other collaborations are said to include songs with rappers Calle 13 and Pitbull. Aside from calling it "the best album of her career (sic)", Shakira said "I'm very excited about the new album, because it reminds me of different eras and stages of my career. It's like a synthesis of all these 20 years... It's been quite interesting to make this album, I've been reconnecting to myself." On her official website it was confirmed that Shakira's 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem, "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" will also appear on the album in a rockier remix.

In an interview with The New York Times, Shakira explained: "We all go through hard moments. Whatever happened, it’s right there in the songs. I’ve decided that I’m not going to explain every song this time. It’s hard to explain a song. These songs explain me better than I can explain them."



  • "Loca" was released as the first official single and had its premiere on radio September 1, 2010. It is, according to Shakira, an interpretation of El Cata's song "Loca Con Su Tigre" and mainly samples the chorus but has different lyrics. The single topped the most of European countries like Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland and also topped US Latin Song Charts.
  • "Sale el sol", was released on January 4, 2011 to digital marketplaces as the second single. The single debuted and peaked at no. 8 in Spain, 10 on the US Latin Songs Chart and 2 on the US Latin Pop Songs Chart.
  • "Rabiosa" was released on 8 April 2011, as the third single from the album. The song features rappers Pitbull and El Cata on the English and Spanish version, respectively. The music video for the song was shot on April 26–27, 2011 and was released on June 7, 2011.
  • "Antes de las Seis" is the fourth official single from the album, and the first single from Shakira: Live from Paris. It was released as a digital download in the U.S. on October 21, 2011.
  • " Addicted to You" is the fifth official single from the album. It was released in digital download on iTunes and Amazon on March 13, 2012. This song has merengue rhythms like "Loca" and "Rabiosa". The music video has been filmed.

Track listingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Sale el Sol"  Shakira, Luis Fernando OchoaShakira, Ochoa 3:21
2. "Loca" (featuring El Cata)Shakira, El Cata, PitbullShakira, Ochoa*, Josh Abraham*, Oligee*, El Cata*, Gucci Vump^, Jonathan Shakhovskoy^ 3:05
3. "Antes de las Seis"  Shakira, Lester MéndezShakira, Méndez 2:56
4. "Gordita" (featuring Residente Calle 13)Shakira, Calle 13Shakira, Calle 13, John Hill*, Diplo^ 3:26
5. "Addicted to You"  Shakira, El Cata, Ochoa, HillShakira, Ochoa*, El Cata*, Hill^ 2:28
6. "Lo Que Más"  Shakira, Albert MenéndezShakira, Méndez* 2:29
7. "Mariposas"  Shakira, MenéndezShakira, Menéndez* 3:47
8. "Rabiosa" (featuring El Cata)Shakira, Pitbull, El CataShakira, Ochoa*, Abraham*, Oligee*, El Cata*, Jim Jonsin^ 2:52
9. "Devoción"  Shakira, Jorge Drexler, Hill, Sam Endicott, Gustavo CeratiShakira, Hill 3:31
10. "Islands"  Baria Qureshi, Oliver Sim, Jamie Smith, Romy Madley CroftShakira, Lukas Burton 2:45
11. "Tu Boca"  Shakira, Drexler, Cerati, Tim MitchellShakira, Hill*, Cerati* 3:27
12. "Waka Waka (Esto es África)" (K-Mix)Shakira, Hill, Golden SoundsShakira, Hill 3:07
13. "Loca" (featuring Dizzee Rascal)Shakira, El Cata, Dizzee Rascal, PitbullShakira, Ochoa*, Abraham*, Oligee*, El Cata*, Gucci Vump^ 3:13
14. "Rabiosa" (featuring Pitbull)Shakira, Pitbull, El CataShakira, Ochoa*, Abraham*, Oligee*, El Cata*, Jim Jonsin^ 2:52
15. "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" (K-Mix)Shakira, Hill, Kojidie, Victor, Paul, DrexlerShakira, Hill 3:07

(*) denotes co-producer
(^) denotes additional producer

Charts and salesEdit

Chart (2010-2012) Peak
Argentine Albums Chart 1
Austrian Albums Chart 3
Belgian Albums Chart (Flanders) 8
Belgian Albums Chart (Wallonia) 1
Canadian Albums Chart 11
Croatian Albums Chart 1
Czech Albums Chart 6
Danish Albums Chart 27
Dutch Albums Chart 10
European Albums Chart 2
Finnish Albums Chart 23
French Albums Chart 1
German Albums Chart 6
Greek Albums Chart 1
Hungarian Albums Chart 4
Italian Albums Chart 1
Mexican Albums Chart 1
Poland Albums Chart 2
Portuguese Albums Chart 1
Russian Albums Chart 3
Spanish Albums Chart 1
Swedish Albums Chart 19
Slovenian Albums Chart 4
Swiss Albums Chart 2
Swiss Albums Chart (Romandie) 1
US Billboard 200 7
US Top Digital Albums 4
US Top Latin Albums 1
US Latin Pop Albums 1

Release historyEdit

Region Date Label Catalog
Germany[9][10] October 15, 2010 Sony Music Entertainment 88697797892
France[12] October 18, 2010 Epic Records
Canada[13] October 19, 2010 Sony Music
United States Epic Records, Sony Music Latin 8869 777433 2
Brazil[16] October 25, 2010 Sony Music 886977978623
Japan[3] November 3, 2010 Sony Music Japan SICP2786
Australia[17] October 1, 2011 Sony Music


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