Released March 25, 1993
Length 41:00
Producers Eduardo Paz
Label SML
D1 D2 D3
From Peligro
  1. "Peligro"
    Released: January 29, 1993
  2. "Brujería"
    Released: April 17, 1993
  3. "Tú Serás la Historia de Mi Vida"
    Released: July 5, 1993

Peligro (English: Danger) is the second album by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira. It was released in 1993, through Sony Colombia, when Shakira was sixteen years old. This album fared a little better than her 1991 debut effort Magia, but Shakira decided to take a break from recording and graduate from high school. The recording itself is a collection of many songs written by the producers, only three songs were written by Shakira. The title originated after Shakira was turned down from appearing at the OTI Music Festival in Spain because she was underage. The album is officially marked as a promotional album - it is considered an official album.

Track listing Edit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Eres"  Shakira 5:02
2. "Último Momento"  Eduardo Paz 4:56
3. "Tú Serás la Historia de Mi Vida"  Desmond Child 4:52
4. "Peligro"  Eduardo Paz 4:39
5. "Quince Años"  Shakira 3:30
6. "Brujería"  Eduardo Paz 4:08
7. "Eterno Amor"  Eddie Sierra 4:47
8. "Controlas Mi Destino"  Shakira 4:36
9. "Este Amor Es Lo Más Bello Del Mundo"  Eduardo Paz 4:20
10. "1968"  Shakira (lyrics & music), Eduardo Paz (music) 4:44

Release HistoryEdit

Country Date Label Format Catalog
Colombia 25 March 1993 Sony Colombia LP 51473102
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