Released June 24, 1991
Length 41:06
Producers Eduardo Paz
Label SML
D1 D2
From Magia
  1. "Magia"
    Released: November 21, 1990
  2. "Lejos de Tu Amor"
    Released: April 3, 1991
  3. "Esta Noche Voy Contigo"
    Released: July 16, 1991

Magia (English: Magic) is the official debut album by Colombian musician Shakira. The songs are a collection of material written by Shakira from the age of eight onwards. However, the release was hampered by a lack of recording and production cohesion, and therefore did not do well commercially. The album was released under Sony Music Colombia on June 24, 1991. Only 1,200 copies of the album were sold, making it a sought-after collector's item. For this reason, it is officially a promotional album - it is not considered an official album from Shakira's discography, as it is no longer available.

Track listing Edit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Sueños"  Shakira 3:47
2. "Esta Noche Voy Contigo"  Miguel Enrique Cubillos 3:53
3. "Lejos de Tu Amor"  Pablo Tedeschi 3:09
4. "Magia"  Shakira 4:43
5. "Cuentas Conmigo"  Juanita Loboguerrero; Miguel Enrique Cubillos 4:01
6. "Cazador De Amor"  Shakira 3:07
7. "Gafas Oscuras"  Shakira 3:13
8. "Necesito De Ti"  Shakira 3:41
9. "Lejos de Tu Amor" (Versión Mix)Pablo Tedeschi 3:13

Release historyEdit

Country Date Label Format Catalog
Colombia June 24, 1991 Sony Colombia LP/Cassette 14464663


  • Shakira - songwriter, vocals, guitar
  • Sergio Solano - guitar
  • Italo Lamboglia - drums
  • Antonio "Toño" Arnedo - saxophone
  • Miguel Enrique Cubillos N. - chorus
  • Ana Maria Gónzalez-Liliana Avila - chorus
  • Juanita Loboguerrero - songwriter
  • Miguel E. Cubillos - producer, songwriter, music direction, artistic arrangement, vocal direction, chorus
  • Pablo Tedeschi - producer, songwriter, musical direction, arrangement, computer programming and drum programming
  • Alvaro Eduardo Ortiz Q - design
  • Gabriel Muñoz - general coordination
  • Luis Miguel Olivar - sound engineer
  • Leo Erazzo - album artwork
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