La Tortura
Writer(s) Shakira Mebarak, Luis F. Ochoa
Producer(s) Shakira, Lester Mendez
Length 3:35
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"La Tortura" (English: The Torture) is a Latin pop-reggaeton song performed by Shakira and Alejandro Sanz. It was recorded for Shakira's sixth studio album Fijación Oral Vol. 1, released on June 7, 2005. The song achieved large-scale success on different radio and chart formats, becoming the most famous Spanish language track of both singers worldwide and the sixth most successful song in Shakira's career behind "Hips Don't Lie", "Whenever, Wherever", "Underneath Your Clothes", "She Wolf", and "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)" and the most successful song ever for Alejandro Sanz. The song won two Latin Grammy Awards at the 2006 Ceremony for Song of the Year and Record of the Year. The song was number 1 on the Hot Latin Songs for 25 weeks during 2005, and was the biggest selling song of the year on that chart.

"La Tortura" is currently the highest-selling only-Spanish language digital track in United States at over 1,000,000 downloads and the biggest-selling Spanish language track of the decade with sales of over 5 million copies worldwide.

Background and compositionEdit

The single is a duet between Shakira and Spanish balladeer Alejandro Sanz, both of whom also composed it along with Luis Fernando Ochoa. It was mixed by Gustavo Celis.

It tells the story of a woman who has been emotionally "tortured" because her boyfriend cheated and eventually left her for another, and has now returned begging forgiveness. He apologizes extravagantly, but is ultimately thinking that some infidelity is natural for men and that for the woman not to forgive him would be tiresome and unreasonable. However, at the end of the song, Shakira's character humiliates him and says that she is not going to shed a single tear over him.

The single is Shakira's sixth in the United States, following the commercial success of her 2001 English language album Laundry Service.

Music videoEdit


Shakira and Alejandro Sanz in "La Tortura" video.

The music video for "La Tortura", directed by Michael Haussman, has a simple plot: from his new girlfriend's apartment, Sanz spies on Shakira as she is walking down the street holding a bag of onions on her way to her own apartment, which is on the other side of the street from Sanz' girlfriend's apartment. When Shakira enters her apartment, she changes clothes. From that moment on, Sanz remembers things the two had done in the past as a couple, while Shakira reveals her alter-ego dancing erotically on the building's roof, covered with black paint. The choreography of the music video was made by Jamie King and Shakira herself.

The music video is in itself somewhat notable, as it was the first time MTV showed a whole episode of their Making the Video series in another language (with English subtitles). It was also the second Spanish-language video ever to enter in Total Request Live's countdown, and peaked at number four on the countdown. It can also be noted that the video for "La Tortura" was one of the first in the Spanish-language to get heavy rotation on mainstream American and Canadian music channels such as MTV, VH1 and MuchMusic as in all almost over world Yahoo! sites. The remix version of the song, known as "La Tortura (Shaketon Remix)", has it own video (also directed by Haussman) featuring some previously unseen scenes. This video can be seen on Oral Fixation Volumes 1 & 2 Bonus DVD.


Chart (2005) Peak
Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40) 3
Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders) 8
Belgium (Ultratop 40 Wallonia) 5
Canada (Canadian Hot 100) 21
Czech Republic (IFPI) 24
Denmark (Tracklisten) 7
European Hot 100 Singles 5
France (SNEP) 7
Finland (Suomen virallinen lista) 6
Germany (Media Control AG) 4
Hungary (Rádiós Top 40) 1
Hungary (Single Top 10) 3
Hungary (Dance Top 40) 5
Italy (FIMI) 3
Netherlands (Dutch Top 40) 3
Sweden (Sverigetopplistan) 6
Switzerland (Schweizer Hitparade) 2
US Billboard Hot 100 23
US Latin Songs (Billboard) 1
US Tropical Songs (Billboard) 1
US Latin Pop Songs (Billboard) 1

Format and track listingEdit

  • Maxi CD
  1. "La Tortura" [Album version] - 3:36
  2. "La Tortura" [Shaketon Reggaeton Remix] - 3:12
  3. "La Pared" [Acoustic Version] - 2:39

Lyrics and videoEdit

Shakira;Artista Invitado Alejandro Sanz - La Tortura

Shakira;Artista Invitado Alejandro Sanz - La Tortura

Ay payita mia, guardate la poesia
Guardate la alegria pa'ti

No pido que todos los días sean de sol
No pido que todos los viernes sean de fiesta
Tampoco te pido que vuelvas rogando perdón
Si lloras con los ojos secos
Y hablando de ella

Ay amor me duele tanto

Me duele tanto

Que te fueras sin decir a dónde
Ay amor fue una tortura...

Yo sé que no he sido un santo
Pero lo puedo arreglar, amor

No sólo de pan vive el hombre
Y no de excusas vivo yo

Sólo de errores se aprende
Y hoy sé que es tuyo mi corazón

Mejor te guardas todo eso
A otro perro con ese hueso
Y nos decimos adios

No puedo pedir que el invierno perdone a un rosal
No puedo pedir a los olmos que entreguen peras
No puedo pedirle lo eterno a un simple mortal
Y andar arrojando a los cerdos miles de perlas

[Sanz:] Ay amor me duele tanto, me duele tanto
Que no creas más en mis promesas

Ay amor

Es una tortura


Yo sé que no he sido un santo
Pero lo puedo arreglar, amor

No sólo de pan vive el hombre
Y no de excusas vivo yo

Sólo de errores se aprende
Y hoy sé que es tuyo mi corazón

Mejor te guardas todo eso
A otro perro con ese hueso
Y nos decimos adios

No te vayas, no te vayas
Oye negrita mira, no te rajes
De lunes a viernes tienes mi amor
Déjame el sábado a mi que es mejor
Oye mi negra no me castigues más
Porque allá afuera sin ti no tengo paz
Yo solo soy un hombre muy arrepentido
Soy como el ave que vuelve a su nido

Yo se que no he sido un santo
Es que no estoy echo de carton

No solo de pan vive el hombre
Y no de excusas vivo yo.

Solo de errores se aprende
Y hoy se que es tuyo mi corazón

AAaaay... AAaaay... AAaaay... Ay Ay
Ay todo lo que he hecho por tí
Fue una tortura perderte
Me duele tanto que sea así

Sigue llorando perdón
Yo ya no voy a llorar... por tí

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